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June 22 2017

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Just a little idea I wanted to try out, designing a Wayfarer using the colours of the Asexual pride flag.

I’m also wondering if people would be interested in seeing similar designs for other orientations; pansexual, bisexual, aromantic, etc? If not I’ll just leave it at this one for the Ace community. :) 

Journey © thatgamecompany








I sincerely cant remember the last time that staff rolled out a feature that improved this website in any way

When they moved the reblog button to the bottom of posts

Where was it before?

at the top
we had to scroll all the way back up in order to reblog


What the fuck

Lmao I remember people complaining about it as if it wasn’t a completely logical change




I block people who have the same icon as me

update: attempted to block myself






Roses are red, that much is true, but violets are purple, not fucking blue.

I have been waiting for this post all my life.

They are indeed purple,
But one thing you’ve missed:
The concept of “purple”
Didn’t always exist.

Some cultures lack names
For a color, you see.
Hence good old Homer
And his “wine-dark sea.”

A usage so quaint,
A phrasing so old,
For verses of romance
Is sheer fucking gold.

So roses are red.
Violets once were called blue.
I’m hugely pedantic
But what else is new?

My friend you’re not wrong
About Homer’s wine-ey sea!
Colours are a matter
Of cultural contingency;

Words are in flux
And meanings they drift
But the word purple
You’ve given short shrift.

The concept of purple,
My friends, is old
And refers to a pigment
once precious as gold.

By crushing up molluscs
From the wine-dark sea
You make a dye:
Imperial decree

Meant that in Rome,
to wear purpura
was a privilege reserved

For only the emperor!

The word ‘purple’,
for clothes so fancy,
Entered English
By the ninth century


Why then are voilets
Not purple in song?
The dye from this mollusc,
known for so long

Is almost magenta;
More red than blue.
The concept of purple
is old, and yet new.

The dye is red,
So this might be true:
Roses are purple
And violets are blue


There once was a man from Nantucket…

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Warehouse 13: The Board Game was so fun. I had the chance to demo it today at Origins Gaming Fair in Columbus OH. The game will be on kickstarter in a couple months and will include an exclusive Leena player. She will only be available during that time. If the game does well there are plans to bring HG and McPherson in as playable characters for expansions. @infinitedreamsgaming

June 21 2017

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Pokémon Rainbow

I started working on this last year for the Pokémon 20th anniversary, but things happened, I got very busy with school and could only finish almost exactly a year later. I love all generations of Pokémon, but Gen 1 is truly special indeed. There’s something in particular I can only feel with the first 151, so I knew I had to draw all of them one day.

Full size

Pokémon © Nintendo

Artwork © Silvia Torres 2017

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The tables have turned!

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1x01 / 3x22

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maybe gangster whales is what we need in order to fight climate change

Whales, you’re doing great sweeties


it’s safe to assume that at any given moment i want to go back to bed

June 19 2017

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It is more than a shame…

June 15 2017

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Over the Garden Wall is great because you can watch the entire thing in an hour and fifty minutes and then think about it nonstop for the rest of your life.

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